Hand crafted michelin star dessert


We recently welcomed hundreds of happy couples through our doors for Valentine’s day. Dining from a specially prepared menu by our Executive Chef, Jeremy Page, diners relaxed and romanced in the warmth of L’Atelier and La Cuisine. Les Ateliers have been designed with convivalité or togetherness in mind, making them perfect for special soirées like this.


The evening saw an exclusive dessert, Un Coeur de Cerise: a delicate chocolate sachertorte, with a melting cherry centre, layers of light chocolate mousse, all wrapped in a delicate chocolate shell. The two halves of this delightfully playful dessert came together to create a beautiful red heart.


This dining experience parallels others at L’Atelier: we love to create special themes and put on spectacles, much like those you can observe in our open kitchen. For private dining, our Chefs enjoy creating menus with you on board and in mind; making special evenings all the much better. Where better to celebrate than in one of Covent Garden’s most famed restaurants?